Valecrest School District # 5065

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The school was located on SW 6-44-14 W2 on land purchased from Henry Eastland, Sr. The school was built by Henry Eastland. It opened in January 1935 and closed June 1963.

A meeting was held to decide a name for the school. Someone suggested,”What about that valley south of the school.?” Someone else said, “Yes, and the school is on the crest.” So the school was named Valecrest.

Early board members were O. Klevin, J. Torrence, F. Wenbourne, and Mrs. I. Klevin.
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The Teachers:
Clara Torrence
V.A. McGregor
S.F. Mash
Olive Boyd
N. Bowren

L. Rude
Leona Kittleson
Alice Will
Kathleen Kinne
Grace Jolly
Muriel Thomas

Marjorie Nygard
Mercedes Postnicoff
Shirley Miller
Sylvia Oleksyn
Eleanor Kenyon
Dollie Lazonby

E. Sorenson
Phyllis Morrison
Dawn Voelk
Gerald Anderson
Dennis Anderson

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Information from “From Forest to Farmland”. Sylvania Historical Society, 1984