Published by The Tisdale Chapter Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan
November 2005

Acknowledgments and Dedication

We wish to thank the community members, former students, school division employees, teachers and superannuated teachers who have so generously shared their memories and photographs. This project would not have been possible without their help.

We are also grateful to the many community history books that have helped to preserve the stories of the pioneers. Much of the background information for this compilation was gleaned from these community histories.

This Centennial Project was inspired from comments made by Past STS President Bert Gordon. Thank you Bert. The stories and photographs were collected by the members of the Tisdale Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan.

At the time of printing, school district amalgamation is taking place. The familiar School Divisions have been replaced with a new model of school administration. This seems like an appropriate time to recall the beginnings of publicaly funded education in this part of the Saskatchewan Prairies. The brief histories of the individual school districts are incomplete but are typical of the struggles experienced by pioneers who wished to educate their children. The compilation of all these stories tells of a joyful struggle to make education an integral part of community life.

We dedicate this book to the students, parents, and teachers who were involved with the schools that became part of the Tisdale School Division. We trust that this record of dedication to education will inspire the next generation to continue in the pursuit of educational excellence.

The School District histories that make up this work were submitted by the members of the Tisdale Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan. It was my pleasure to link them together into this single document. I appologize for any errors that are contained in these pages and take full responsibility for them.

Robert Donnan, Editor
Tisdale Chapter, Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan


Many of the photographs courtesy of the Tisdale Museum.