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From the opening ceremony on July 20, 2014 until the closing ceremony a week later Regina and all of North America will be experiencing the adventure of the North American Indigenous Games. To document and celebrate this extraordinary event a small army of amateur photographers will take to the competition venues, the participants village and the cultural components that will be an integral part of the whole experience.

This web site is to inform and co-ordinate the photographers as they prepare to be an important part of these games by documenting the scenes and action so that those moments can be shared and cherished by both spectators and participants alike.

As photographers of this event we all need to go through the process of
becoming volunteers. The web site goes through the steps you must follow to gain acceditation thus providing you with access passes to the various venues. The Volunteer's Handbook is a wealth of information and we all need to look it over carefully.

schedule of events has so far not been made available so we have to make do with the information we have. Click on "Schedule" on the menu at the top of this page, it has a pull down listing for each day of the games.

Below is the banner for our headquarters displayed on the windshield of our motorhome.

Below is a list of the photographers who participated in this project:
Charlene Alexson, Kathy Bechard, Gary Barbero, Gail Chin, Helene Cote, Jarett Crowe, Rochelle Daniels, Cherish Deegan, Larry Easton, Glidas Helye, Beverly Jay, Susan Jolly-Maxie, Ken Jones, Ram Kafley, Bishna Kafley, Crystal Kaye, Sarah Keeshane, Nicole Lerat, Amber Maxie, Joanne Mortensen, Erik Mortensen, Barry Munro, Chrystal Pelletier, Cicely Poitras, Gail Rockthunder, Janelle Salm, Sharlaine Starblanket, Jamie Stephenson, Sirjana Subedi, Harwood Truscott and Stephanie Wilkinson.
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